Meet The Crew

Shirley is the founder of Chuckwagon Pizza. She opened Chuckwagon in March of 1989. Most of the items on the menu came from the mind of Shirley herself. She is the one that came up with the recipe for our famous breadstix and pizza dough. Shirley has retired from the day to day operations but she has left Chuckwagon in capable hands. She is a mother of 4 ornery kids and Stacy, one of her daughters, oversees the day to day operations. Shirley still stops in from time to time.
Stacy graduated from Madison Grant High School and has been around the Swayzee area all of her life. She's been in the restaurant business since she was 16. Stacy is the daughter of Shirley, the founder. Stacy is the operator and general manager. She oversees the day to day operations since Shirley retired a few years ago. Stacy's favorite thing on the menu is an order of our Mexican Breadstix.
Head Chef
Brian is Stacy's husband and our head chef. He graduated from Eastbrook High School and grew up in the Van Buren area. Brian is in charge of most of our research and development. Aside from working every night at Chuckwagon, Brian works full time for Koorsen Fire and Security as a sales manager. Along with his duties in the kitchen, Brian also assists with some of the back of the house operations. Brian's favorite thing from Chuckwagon is whatever he is currently developing.